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From my LinkedIn profile...

A senior-level executive specializing in building and leading global product development organizations to deliver state-of-the-art, mission-critical software centric products. Focused on helping companies increase top and bottom-line financial performance by improving the engineering process to lower costs, shorten product delivery cycles, and improve overall product quality.

• A hands-on leader who can grow a development team, not just in numbers but in quality, culture and productivity. I have grown teams from just a few developers to many hundreds of developers in the US, Europe and India.

• A turnaround expert who has taken over under-performing development organizations and provided the leadership and guidance to institute fundamental changes to improve the entire development and product delivery process.

• Well-rounded business experience and knowledge, with a strong customer focus; an asset in the sales process as well as ongoing customer maintenance.

• Successful at companies of all sizes, from start-ups to global enterprises.

• Experience building products in multiple industries, including SaaS and other cloud based solutions, enterprise storage, data networking, business continuity and backup, financial services, and gaming systems.

• Broad experience leading international development teams across multiple locations in the US and abroad.

• Key contributor to M&A activities, from due diligence to post acquisition assimilation.

• MBA from University of Connecticut; a Masters in Engineering (focus on algorithms), and a Bachelor of Engineering degrees both from Stevens Institute of Technology

Specialties: Software Development, Product Development Processes, Agile, waterfall, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Product Strategy, Turnaround Expert, Coaching, Change Management, Outsourcing, M&A, Due Diligence, Mergers & Acquisition, Innovation & Patent Process, Portfolio & Resource Management, LAMP Stack, ASP.NET

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