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Hello! I'm Luke, a freelancing software developer who simply loves building things. Over the years I have been involved in a wide range of projects with experience in websites, big data, gaming, graphics, finance, warehouses, real time systems and more. As a result, some of my software can be found (somewhat unexpectedly!) in A320 cockpits too.

I am particularly interested in web technologies and know them rather literally inside out (at far too much detail!) as well as occasionally contributing to their development as a part of the wonderfully vibrant open source community. For a few years I have been working on "PowerUI" - a tool that thousands of developers use to make user interfaces for games using web technologies - and it's gradually becoming a full web browser. It has been particularly fascinating to see the diversity of projects that make use of PowerUI and it has always been a pleasure to help and contribute to them whenever I can.

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