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Dozycow's Details

Real Name: Adam Schofield
IRC: Dozycow (Formerly Coogee)
Location: Sydney, Australia

To Do List:

2D application tips

Add the following software applications to the list.

  • GIMP
  • Seashore
  • Inkscape
  • Scribus

Audio application tips

1) Add the following software applications to the list.

  • Audacity
  • Garage Band

2) Websites that offer sounds effects;

  • Royalty paying
  • Royalty free

Minimum Graphic Card Requirements

Have a look at the formatting and content of this page.

Community Members

1) New Page on joining the unity IRC;

  • downloading client (Colloquy et al)
  • joining #otee-unity
  • adding to favourites
  • etiquette etc

2) Thought I'd create a wiki version of this list of IRC members just to see if people in the community think its a) a good idea b) its appropriate for the wiki c) if its useful. Add comments to the list below if you like.

  • Thinking ahead, maybe adding a google map for the location of people. Once again; see a, b and c above.
  • I'll alphabetise this list after all the names have been added. Its by IRC name just for speed of finding a name.
  • Point 3

IRC First Name Forum Country Time Zone Home Page Spoken Code Current Past
aarku Jon  ?  ?  ? graveck  ?  ?  ?  ?
AngryAnt Emil AngryAnt Denmark GMT+1 angryant  ? C#, C++,
Unreal Script  ?
bliprob Rob bliprob USA GMT -5 robterrell Spoken Objective-C,
C#, Javascript
and PHP
Tubesock Past
CarloAtSunset Carlo CarloAtSunset USA GMT -5 sunsetinteractivemedia Spoken C#, JavaScript Max RollerJet Past
Casemon Joe Casemon France GMT +1 bydesigngames Spoken Code bydesigngames Past
danielbauer Daniel Muriac Canada GMT -4 brauer Spoken Javascript Current Past
davidhelgason David davidhelgason Denmark GMT +1 unity3d Spoken Code Current Past
dh0 David dh0 USA GMT -8 davidhodge Spoken Javascript Current Past
Diordna Stephen Diordna USA GMT -5 thebiggerbox Spoken Code Current Past
Disparity John Disparity USA GMT -5 thelittleappfactory Spoken Code Current Past
Dozycow Adam Dozycow Australia GMT +10 Dozycow English
Bad Portuguese
None Confidential Noob
DynamicHead Timo DynamicHead Germany GMT +1 dynamichead Spoken C# Current Past
IRC Name Forum Country GMT URL Spoken Code Current Past
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