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== What is Unify Community? ==
The Unify Community is a wiki for the [https://unity.com/ Unity] game engine, collaboratively written by and for the community. It is a repository and knowledge base for useful information that does not really fit on the Unity [https://forum.unity.com/ forums], [https://answers.unity.com/ answers] or official [https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/index.html documentation]. Think of this as a community place to share useful guides, examples, notes, tips and tricks that you think many fellow Unity developers may find helpful.
== What can I do? ==
== What can I do? ==

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[edit] What can I do?

There are plenty of areas that are still in need of more information:

[edit] How do I edit?

New users are encouraged to create an account so that contributions are properly attributed to them. It also makes it easier for other users to contact them.

The content on this site can be edited through any internet browser, with no additional software. For technical help on how to edit, consult any of these links:

We have a sandbox that users can use for experimental edits.

When editing an article, if your changes are only limited to a small section, it is a best practice to use the edit link of the enclosing section. If your changes involve several different sections, consider using the edit link at the top of the page instead of editing one section at a time.

Try to use "Show Preview" to check or verify your changes before saving. There's also an option for saving as a minor edit for small or trivial changes.

[edit] What can I edit?

Don't be afraid to make an edit. Any user can edit almost any article and we encourage you to be bold! If you see content, grammar, or even just formatting that you think can be improved, go ahead and make it better.

Most of our articles follow a specific set of formatting guidelines to give similar articles some consistency. We encourage users to browse the guidelines or glance through similar articles. Of course, please do not let this deter you from adding useful information - someone else will take care of the formatting.

Remember, you can't break the Wiki (but please, don't try to). Anything can be fixed or improved later. So go ahead, edit an article and help make this the best source of information on Unity!

[edit] Common mistakes

  1. Copying content directly from other wikis
  2. Assuming that this wiki is all-inclusive of any Unity info, or that it follows the conventions of other wikis
  3. Believing that this site directly represents Unity
    At most levels, this is a site run by a community of Unity Users. For Unity support issues, refer to the Support Forum.
  4. Assuming control of submitted content, or creating personal pages in the wrong place
    Any submitted content generally becomes open for others to edit (through GFDL or Unify Communty copyright). Articles can be mercilessly edited by anyone as long as site policies and guidelines are followed.

[edit] See also

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