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Tips Archive

3D Application Tips

  • 3dApps - Which 3D applications are compatible with Unity.
  • Blender - Some critical tips for using Blender with Unity.
  • Maya - Tips and tricks for using Maya with Unity

2D Application Tips

Audio Application Tips

Unity Tips

  • Customized Packaging - How to customize the Unity packaging process, which occurs after a build.
  • Font Creation - An Adobe Illustrator template file to help create font textures.
  • Window Layout - Shows how to achieve three tall columns and a horizontally split view.
  • VRAM tips - Chart of texture compression sizes in VRAM

General Tips

Wizard Archive

These scripts go in the Assets/Editor folder of your project and require at least version 1.2 of Unity.

GameObject Manipulation

  • TakeScreenshotInEditor - Takes a screenshot of the current game view and places it in the root level of your project. Does not overwrite files.
  • PlaceSelectionOnSurface - Takes the current selection and raycasts downward from each object and moves them to where they hit.
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