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Doubts about dimensions

I didn't understand the reason for the extra pixel at 257px, 513px, and 1025px instead 256, 512 and 1024 used as default in other tools like Hammer. --reredias 05:02, 4 October 2009 (PDT)

Baking Issues

  • Have followed the baking steps, but am not seeing the baked results. My terrain asset in Project has the new blended lightmap as the Lightmap value (though when I expand the terrain asset arrow, the old lightmap appears as a child). When I turn off the light, the terrain goes dark; not using the new blended lightmap. What am I missing here? (also getting an error in LightmapWizard.cs, don't know if it's related).--Joe @ ByDesign Games 07:12, 12 May 2010 (PDT)
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