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Official Shaders

  • Built In Shaders - Here you can get the sourcecode for all the shaders that are built into Unity.

Unity 2.x Shaders

Unity 1.x Shaders

Most of these will just work with Unity 2.x, except mostly for complex pixel-lit shaders. If you verified that a shader from this list works with 2.x, add it to the list above as well!

  • AlphaDiffuseZ - Same as Unity Alpha Diffuse but with different Z buffering. Useful for interior (reversed normal) scenes that have alpha objects.
  • AlphaSelfIllum - Textures object which is unaffected by light.
  • AlphaVertexColor - A transparent vertex lit shader that takes per-vertex colors into account.
  • Anisotropic - A classical anisotropic lighting.
  • BakedLightingDetailTexture - A main+detail texture shader with precomputed per-vertex lighting.
  • BakedVertexColorLighting - Like lightmapping only the lighting is precomputed in the vertex colors
  • BlendedDecal - Suitable for superimposing alpha-masked textured markings onto the same plane as another surface.
  • BlendedFlatColor - Colors a transparent object, good for HUD objects.
  • BumpSpecModulate - Bump mapped shader that modulates between original texture color and "alpha color" based on alpha of main texture.
  • Decal2UVs - Just like builtin Decal, just uses two UV sets.
  • DepthMask - Masks areas with the depth buffer to cut holes in subsequent objects.
  • DesaturatedDarks - Non-lit areas are desaturated; lights "saturate" the colors.
  • LayerShader - A terrain shader that mixes two tileable textures.
  • MirrorReflection - A shader and script to make reflective mirrors.
  • MirrorReflectionLightmapped - A shader and script to make reflective mirrors with a lightmap.
  • ProjectorAdditive - A shader for the projector component that does an additive/screen effect as opposed to multiply.
  • Refraction - A fake refraction shader.
  • Reveal Non-Uniform Texture - A shader for revealing a texture using another texture. Useful for non-rectilinear loading / progress bars.
  • SimpleAdditive - Colors a object with a single additive color.
  • SkinShader - A wrapped-diffuse plus specular plus rim righting shader. Good for skin shading!
  • SkyboxBlended - A skybox that blends between two sets of skybox textures.
  • TerrainFourLayer - A terrain shader that mixes four tileable textures.
  • TerrainTwoLayerBumped - A terrain shader that mixes two tileable textures, plus a bumpmap.
  • TextureAdditive - Colors a object with a additive texture.
  • TexturedFont - Use this shader in place of the built in Text Shader for multicolored fonts instead of solid colored ones.
  • UnlitAlpha - A non-backface culled, unilluminated, alpha tested shader which is suitable for sprites.
  • VegetationTwoPass - Great vegetation shader, renders opaque and then renders semitransparent.
  • VegetationVertexLit - Vertex-lit shader with no culling that is ideal for vegetation and other two sided polygon models.
  • Velvet - Velvet / Rim light shader
  • WindowShader - Suitable for windows (the glass things in houses, not the darn Seattle company.)
  • VertexColor - A vertex lit shader that takes per-vertex colors into account.
  • VertexColorParallaxBump - Like the builtin Diffuse Parallax Bump, only takes vertex color into account as well.
  • XRay - Additive X-Ray shader.
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