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} else {renderer.sharedMaterial.renderQueue = queue;}
} else {renderer.sharedMaterial.renderQueue = queue;}
[[Category: Utility]]
[[Category: Utility]]
[[Category: JavaScript]]
[[Category: JavaScript]]

Revision as of 20:52, 10 January 2012

Author: Alex Schwartz (GTJuggler) and Daniel Brauer


Allows you to set the render order for objects to avoid transparent sort issues. JS version has been extended to allow an option to affect all children of a GameObject but removes the option to affect materials other than sharedMaterial, as that was not necessary in my project. Feel free to modify.


  • The default transparent queue is 3000.
  • Lower queues will be rendered first, higher ones later.
  • This change will affect the shared material, so you have to make separate materials for separate render queues.
  • In the editor, this change will persist across runs. However, the scripts still need to be attached to the correct objects in a build in order to work there.

C# (By Daniel Brauer)

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class SetRenderQueue : MonoBehaviour {
   public int queue = 1;
   public int[] queues;
   protected void Start() {
      if (!renderer || !renderer.sharedMaterial || queues == null)
      renderer.sharedMaterial.renderQueue = queue;
      for (int i = 0; i < queues.Length && i < renderer.sharedMaterials.Length; i++)
         renderer.sharedMaterials[i].renderQueue = queues[i];

JS (By Alex Schwartz)

var queue : int = 3000; //3000 is default in Unity
var applyToChildren : boolean = false;
function Awake(){
function SetRenderQueue(){
	if (!renderer || !renderer.sharedMaterial || applyToChildren){
			for(var child : Transform in transform){
				child.renderer.sharedMaterial.renderQueue = queue;
		} else { 
			print("No renderer found on this GameObject. Check the applyToChildren box to apply settings to children"); 
	} else {renderer.sharedMaterial.renderQueue = queue;}
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