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Debugging Scripts

  • AllocationStats - AllocationStats is a simple helper utility for showing how much memory your application has allocated. It uses GC.GetTotalMemory to keep track of the memory usage.
  • DetectLeaks - This script will displays the number of alloctated unity objects by type. This is useful for finding leaks. Knowing the type of object (mesh, texture, sound clip, game object) that is getting leaked is the first step.
  • DebugConsole - A script to allow scrolling feedback from your scripts.
  • DebuggerX - A simple javascript singleton that allows you to send debug to the console or the GUI
  • DrawArrow - builds upon Debug.DrawRay() to add arrowheads at the tip
  • NUnit - de-facto standard for unit testing in .NET
  • Profiler - a simple c# script for profiling the performance of scripts, based on tags
  • Reporter - a simple delayed action system info script that could be used for support purposes
  • UUnit - a Simple xUnit framework that can be run inside Unity.
  • SharpUnit - a unit testing framework adapted from UUnit but written in C#. Can also be run inside Unity3D.
  • TestStar - full featured editor extension inspired by UUnit/SharpUnit. Uses NUnit to provide assert syntax. (non free)
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