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Debugging Scripts

  • AllocationStats - Utility for showing how much memory your application has allocated.
  • DetectLeaks - a simple GUI script for displaying the amount of objects currently loaded by type
  • DebugConsole - A script to allow scrolling feedback from your scripts.
  • DebuggerX - A simple javascript singleton that allows you to send debug to the console or the GUI
  • DrawArrow - builds upon Debug.DrawRay() to add arrowheads at the tip
  • NUnit - de-facto standard for unit testing in .NET
  • Profiler - a simple c# script for profiling the performance of scripts, based on tags
  • Reporter - a simple delayed action system info script that could be used for support purposes
  • UUnit - a Simple xUnit framework that can be run inside Unity.
  • SharpUnit - a unit testing framework adapted from UUnit but written in C#. Can also be run inside Unity3D.
  • TestStar - full featured editor extension inspired by UUnit/SharpUnit. Uses NUnit to provide assert syntax. (non free)

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