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Physics Scripts

  • CollisionIgnoreManager - There is currently no way to ignore collisions between groups of objects. When objects add themselves to this manager they provide two bitmasks, one specifying what groups they belong to and another specifying which other objects they would like to ignore collisions with.
  • ComplicatedRigidbodyControl - Attach a rigidbody to an arbitrary transform, or a method to make rigidbodies never overshoot.
  • DontGoThroughThings - Script that uses raycasting to avoid fast-moving objects going through obstructions.
  • DragObject - Similar to DragRigidbody (drag rigidbodies around with the mouse), but much more stable and with more direct control.
  • JiggleBone - Script to add secondary jiggle motion to bones (breast bounce dynamics, hair, etc)

Simulation Scripts

  • Compass - The compass script allows you to get 0-360 degree heading with respect to an arbitrary North reference object named "GPS Reference" of which the Z axis is pointed North.
  • DayNightController - Implements a Day/Night cycle relative to the game world, with a World-Time clock, and optional Direcitonal Light control.
  • GameTime - This script rotates a directional light to match the rotation of the sun based on the system time.
  • GPS Global Positioning System - This script simulates a GPS device providing real world GPS locations based on a reference point
  • Gravity - Simulates body-to-body gravity (i.e. planetary gravity)
  • IMU Inertial Measurement Unit - This script simulates an IMU providing velocities and accelerations of the object it is attached to in the objects local frame.
  • OpenStreetMap for unity iPhone - A simple OpenStreetMap script for unity iPhone
  • SICK Laser Scanner - This script simulates the SICK LMS type planar laser scanner
  • Simple planetary orbits - Visually define the orbital path of one object around another fixed object, like a planet around the sun
  • sunLight - A script that rotates a directional light based on longitude/latitude.
  • Trajectory Simulation - Demonstrates simulating the trajectory of a launched object
  • WheelColliderSource - Source code based off the Unity3D WheelCollider and associated classes.

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