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  • NetworkView_Position_Sync - These scripts demonstrate the implementation of interpolation, extrapolation, and optimized player physics in the position synchronization logic of non-authoratative networked games. These scripts preserve network packet timestamps for correct interpolation calculations.
  • WebAsync - Uses threads and WebRequest to make HTTP calls. For now, the only point is calling the HEAD to see if the URL exists. This is better than regular "WebRequest.GetResponse" because this does not lock up the system while waiting for an HTTP answer - and it even goes faster!

WWW Scripts

  • CookieCutter - Access browser cookies from Unity web players.
  • CSVReader - Simple script to read CSV and TSV text files and output a 2D String array.
  • Easy MySQL Submission - This is a highly modified version of the Server Side Highscores.
  • FeedMe - A simple XML "feed" displayer which uses TinyXmlReader
  • GetXMLHack - Get XML data into the web player using browser script instead of WWW() (which has been buggy for me!)
  • Json - Another JSON script
  • JSONParse - A robust, simple JSON Parser written in UnityJS.
  • JSONUtils - A simple JSON Parser with some other function to serialized to JSON written in UnityJS based on JSONParse (developped for Unity 3.4).
  • MeshSerializer2 - Save Unity meshes to files for the Web, load them with WWW interface.
    • MeshSerializer - an old version of the same (simpler format, but larger file sizes)
  • MoreJSONScripts - Yet another JSON Script
  • PlayerPrefsx - ( Now obsolete in Unity 2.1) An extension to CookieCutter which allows you to save data in both standalones and cookies for the web without having to think about it.
  • Server Side Highscores - A complete tutorial for implementing a server side php script for storing high scores and how to post the scores to the server.
  • TextureBogusExtensions - lets you test a WWW texture to see if it is the "default error texture" Unity returns when the WWW result is not a valid texture.
  • UnityJsonFx - A fork of JsonFx that's been stripped down to work well in all Unity platforms.
  • UnityLitJSON - A fork of LitJSON that's been edited to work with Unity.
  • UnityObject - A nice & clean way to embed .unityweb in your web browser. Plugin Detection, Communication, Clean HTML
  • VersionCheck - A very basic version checker. This can be used to check if the version of the game the user is running is the latest, and if not, send them to a URL to download the latest.

Unity 1.x Networking Scripts

  • NetworkCursor - Serverless realtime networking. An example where one Unity instance controls another via a TCP/IP socket. Could be expanded to do many types of realtime networking.
  • Sender - Uses a Server to send data from the parent object to whatever is on the other end of the connection.
  • Server - TCP network host, based on NetworkCursor, but expanded to do more.
  • Simple TCP/IP Client - Server - This contains source code for C# that you can use to create a server for Windows and a DLL in C# that you can use with Unity
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