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General Purpose Effect Scripts

  • 3D Physics Based Rope - This script makes 3D physics based ropes for things like powerlines blowing in the wind, hoses flopping around, ropes you can swing on, and more. Basically all you have to do is drop this script into one object (Use included modified code).
  • Animating Tiled texture - A texture made of many tiles animated through setting the uv offsets
  • Animating Tiled texture - Extended - Use one animation cell-sheet texture for many animations and skins.
  • Animated Color Procedural Texture - A simple script to make limitless number of textures based on 2d graphs
  • ArcBall - Drag the mouse to rotate an object in an intuitive way.
  • CameraFacingBillboard - Use this script on a billboard or similar object to make it align itself with the camera.
  • CameraRenderSettings - Allows storing seperate render settings per camera - an extended version of the Fog Layer script above.
  • Character Shadow - Cast shadows from an object! (requires Unity Pro)
  • DoFAutoFocus - An autofocus component for the Pro Depth of Field (DoF) Imageeffect (C#)(Pro).
  • Flickering Light - Adds flickering effect to Light object. Flicker styles are Campfire and Fluorescent.
  • Flocking - A flocking script with randomness and target following.
  • Fog Layer - Lets you determine per camera if fog should be enabled or disabled
  • LineRenderer Rope - Creates a rope using physics and the LineRenderer component.
  • LookAtCameraYonly - Use this script on a billboard or other object to have it face the camera but only rotate on the Y axis.
  • MeleeWeaponTrail - A smoothed TrailRenderer meant for melee weapons of animated 3d models. Based on TimeBasedTrailRenderer.
  • MarchingSquares - MarchingSquares (2D Surface Reconstruction)
  • MeshMorpher - A Mesh Morpher script with scripting API
  • MetaBalls - 3D Metaballs
  • MorphTargets - Improved MeshMorpher script with multiple blendable targets
  • Noise Library - LibNoise ported to Unity. Perlin, Multirigged Fractal, Voronoi, Billow
  • Open Source Particle System - A custom particle system that exposes particle movement deltaTime among other things.
  • OptimizedTrailRenderer - Started from Yoggy's trail renderer above, this one updates every frame and is built for one-time use.
  • Particle Spiral Effect - Particle effect script for creating spirals, whirlpools, galaxies, etc.
  • Perlin Noise - Noise functions for smoothly moving objects around or anything else
  • ReverseNormals - Reverses normals & back face culling of a mesh
  • Scrolling UVs - C# script that smoothly scrolls a material's UVs in an arbitrary direction. Supports arbitrary material names and material indices.
  • SetRenderQueue - Sets the render queue for transparency sorting on an object or all of its children.
  • Shadow Volumes in Alpha - Shadow volume based shadows (requires Unity Pro)
  • Skinned Morph Targets - A set of scripts for morphing skinned meshes, including support for animating blend shapes together with skeletal animation.
  • SoftBodies - Cloth, Springy Noodles, Jello Blocks, etc..
  • StopEmittingAfterDelay - After a configurable delay, particles will fade naturally, then finally the object will get destroyed with autodestruct.
  • Spline Controller - Interpolates any GameObject along a user-defined spline
  • SVG - Render SVG Files.
  • TextureMask - A simple shader for masking off areas of a texture.
  • Texture swap animator - Feed it a bunch of textures and it will cycle through them. Useful for simple animations not on a texture atlas.
  • TextureFromCamera - A behaviour that textures a GameObject with what the given Camera sees.
  • TubeRenderer - LineRenderer too flat? Make it a tube instead.
  • TimeBasedTrailRenderer - The Built in trail renderer does not fade its segments based on the time they have been alive. This one does.
  • Trail Arc Renderer - Designed for melee trail swings, this creates a trail using Catmull-Rom spline interpolation
  • Underwater Script - Simple underwater effects script. Works with indie!
  • VectorLine - Renders a 2D vector line with an arbitrary width, color, and number of segments (requires Unity Pro)

Image Postprocessing Effects

These scripts require Unity Pro.

  • BloomEffect (OBSOLETE) - Sometimes referred to as "glow", use this effect to make bright parts in your scene bleed. This script is made obsolete by the GlowEffect shipped with Unity 1.5.
  • BoostColors - A very simple and fast way to boost the contrast of saturation of the graphics in your game.
  • InvertCamera - A simple script that will invert everything rendered by a camera.
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