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Editor Scripts

  • AddChild - Adds an empty GameObject as a child of each selected object.
  • AddParent - Parents all selected objects under new empty GameObject.
  • ReplaceSelection - Replace all selected objects with new ones.
  • AddComponentRecursively - Adds a component to an object, and all the children of that object.
  • AddRemoveComponentRecursively - Wizard for adding or removing components on a GameObject and its children
  • AnimationShortcuts - Script to play animations utilizing the keyboard 1 - 0 keys.
  • AutoBuilder - Automatically changes the target platform and creates a build. Can be run from the command line.
  • AssetPathPrinter - Prints to console and copys to clipboard asset paths for all selected project window items
  • AutoMeshCollisionCreator - Automatically convert mesh from 3D Package into Mesh Collider on Import.
  • AutoSave - Editor script for automatic saving the scene and assets with an interval.
  • Bake Material to Texture - Allows to bake complex materials into a single texture. Can be useful for converting assets from Desktop to Mobile (Pro Only)
  • BoxColliderUtilities - Allows to scale or rotate BoxColliders side-aligned
  • BuildAssetBundlesFromDirectory - Creates Asset Bundles from all files in a Directory (Pro Only)
  • Camera view window - Shows the rendered image of any camera that has this script on, the window is displayed inside the scene view.
  • ColliderCopier - Copy & Paste properties from one Capsule/Sphere/Box collider to another
  • CopyComponents - Matches GameObjects from one hierarchy to another and clones all components from the source to the destination.
  • CopyVariables - Matches GameObjects from one hierarchy to another and clones all variables from 1 component from the source to the destination.
  • CopyTransform - Copies the local transform of the selected game instance in the scene and then pastes it into another one you select.
  • CountLines - Count all the files and lines in your project
  • CreateGameObjectLocal - Creates a new empty GameObject under the active GameObject (GameObject in the Inspector). Has Undo, menu shortcut and a prefab disconnection warning.
  • CreatePlane - Create custom planes configurable orientation, pivot points, number of segments for width & height, among others.
  • CreatePrefabFromSelected - Creates a prefab containing the contents of the currently selected game object.
  • Create project directories - Simple script which creates various directories under your Assets folder, best used when creating a new project.
  • DeleteComponentsInChildren - Helps to delete a special type of components which are attached to the children of the selected Gameobject.
  • DeleteMyPlayerPrefs - Deletes playerprefs for the editor via a menu item
  • EdgeAlignerTool - A tool to align one or more edges of the AABB of a selected game object to those of the AABB of another selected game object
  • EditorUndoManager - Manage undos/redos inside any Unity Inspector or Window in an effortless and functional way. Works also with windows who manage multiple sources.
  • EncloseTerrain - A simple script to enclose your terrain in a wall.
  • ExportNormalmap - Exports the normalmap generated from a grayscale texture.
  • ExportOBJ - Wraps the Utility script ObjExporter.cs (above), adding File/Export/Wavefront OBJ menu item.
  • ExportVisualStudio - Creates Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 projects. Designed for minimal friction for non-techy people.
  • Expose_properties_in_inspector - Small script collection which exposes properties ( get/set accessors ) in the inspector.
  • FbxAnimListPostprocessor - Import a list of splitted animations for FBX 3D models.
  • FindObjects - Find objects by name or attached component type.
  • FindSceneObjectsWithTag - Dockable editor window to find all scene objects with a particular tag.
  • GetBBox - Find the bounding box of the selected game object (including any children)
  • GetSize - Get the size in game units of a selection.
  • HeightmapFromGridFloat - Applies the selected GridFloat file (topo data from USGS seamless server) as a heightmap to the active terrain.
  • HeightmapFromTexture - Applies a selected texture as a heightmap to the active terrain.
  • HierarchyFastHide - Makes list in window of game objects that have Mesh Renderer and adds toggle for user to turn it on and off. In Alpha State, but working with some limitations.
  • HierarchySelectObject - Editor script that automatically selects and scrolls to the desired gameObject in the hierarchy window.
  • InsertParent - An alternative to the built-in Make Parent command, this script inserts a new GameObject which becomes the parent of all selected objects.
  • InvertSelection - Inverts the editors hierarchy selection
  • iPhoneTextureImportSettings - iPhone specific script to change texture import settings for multiple textures at once.
  • Layer Search - Search objects in the scene by Layer.
  • LoadAssetBundle - Loads a selected AssetBundle into the current scene. Good for browsing AssetBundle content.
  • LoadSceneAdditive - Loads a selected scene into the current scene. Good for copying scenes.
  • Mac App Store PostProcessor - Post Processing Build Script to auto-sign and auto-package your game for the Mac App Store.
  • Macros - Execute arbitrary code snippets.
  • MassMaterialEditor - Affect the some settings of the RenderSettings and Materials of selected objects simultaneously.
  • MassSetMaterials - Sets the materials of all selected objects simultaneously.
  • Mesh2Collider - Use an external 3D app to model and place primitive colliders.
  • MoveToOrigin - Moves the selected GameObject(s) to (0, 0, 0).
  • MultipleObjectsToLayer - an editor utility that lets you move multiple selected objects into a layer at the same time.
  • New Skybox Generator - Generates Skybox by rendering 6 images and combining them with skybox material. Select multiple scene objects to render Skyboxes from multiple locations. (Pro Only)
  • Normalize - Normalize terrain
  • Notes - Allows you to add notes to any GameObject.
  • Object2Terrain - Convert a standard mesh object to a Unity terrain.
  • OpenVisualStudioProject - Open the current visual studio project (To launch Express).
  • PixelLightMapper - A pixel based light mapper for Unity.
  • PolyLineEditor - A Poly-line Editor handling a vector3 array.
  • RaiseHeightmap - Raises or lowers the entire terrain by a specified amount.
  • REPL - Editor panel that lets you interactively edit and run C# code.
  • SaveFontTexture - Saves auto-generated bitmaps that Unity makes from vector fonts as .png files so they can be edited externally
  • SceneDumper - Dump information about the scene to a text file.
  • CreateScriptableObjectAsset - Easily create an asset file of a ScriptableObject-inheriting class instance in Unity's intuitive style.
  • SceneViewCameraFollower - Allows multiple SceneView cameras to be setup to follow a gameobject in edit mode and play mode.
  • SelectByComponent - Selects all gameobjects in the scene which have the declared component type attached.
  • SetGOFlags - Set or Clear 'Static', 'Active', 'Cast Shadow', 'Receive Shadow' on selected objects (and their children)
  • Skybox Generator - Generates the 6 images necessary to create a Skybox in Unity. (Pro Only)
  • SnapToGrid - Snaps objects to a grid in 3 dimensions.
  • Take3DScreenshot - Take a "3d screenshot"; a series of screenshots captured while rotating around a given object. Useful for QTVR creation.
  • TerrainImporter - Imports heightmaps and splatmaps from terrain applications.
  • TerrainObjExporter - Exports Unity terrain objects as .obj files.
  • TerrainPerlinNoise - Generates the terrain heights from a perlin noise function. **Warning: Uses Unity's undocumented Mathf.PerlinNoise() function. This may not work past Unity version 2.6.1**
  • TextureImportSettings - Editor script to change texture import settings for multiple textures at once.
  • TileManager - Lets you create objects aligned to a grid, align object to the grid, delete object from the grid.
  • ToggleActiveRecursively - Activates/deactivates entire hierarchies at once.
  • ToggleActiveRecursivelyAllGameObjects - Activates/deactivates entire hierarchies at once and for all selected game objects.
  • TransformUtilities - Includes tools to Align objects, copy, randomize and add noise to their transforms.
  • WorldUVs - UV maps meshes in world space, allowing textures in separate meshes to seamlessly line up with each other.
  • UPPEditor - PlayerPrefs-file-editor. Allows you to view and edit UPP files within Unity.
  • UnityAssetXrefs - Selects all reverse dependencies for the current selection in Project or Scene.
  • ModelImporterPresetManager - Allows defining and applying model import presets before importing a model
  • MaterialAnalyzer - Allows listing of all materials used by current scene selection, helps to optimize material usage
  • MaterialReplacer - Allows easy replacement of prefab materials by defining "from->to" transitions in an editor window and save/load them to/from xml file

Editor GUI Scripts

  • ControlPoint - Add a 'handle' gizmo to GameObjects to show position and orientation. Also allows clicking on objects without meshes.
  • EditorGUIExtension - Some extensions to make coding the GUI for utilities/custom inspectors easier.
  • TransformInspector - Reverse engineered version of the Unity 3 Transform component inspector. Makes extending the default inspector much easier.
  • Custom Inspector Inspector - (snippet) Show a control for editing the custom inspector within the inspector itself. Handy while writing one.
  • Element Table Representation - A custom control that lets you display data structs in a table with editable elements.
  • WithProgressBar - A stunningly easy way to throw a real progress bar on... almost anything. Extends IEnumerable "with a progress bar".
  • EditorWindowCycler - Keyboard shortcuts that cycle through all Editor windows of the given type, rather than just focusing the first one.
  • ImmediateWindow - Makes a window that can execute small bits of C# script without needing explicit script files.
  • GLDraw - Draw lines on your editor GUI with clipping
  • SceneViewObjectWindow - An EditorWindow to select objects from the sceneview and provide drag&drop support.
  • EditorGraphWindow - Dynamically graph values at runtime in EditorWindow.
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