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== Notepad++ (Windows) ==
== Notepad++ (Windows) ==
'''[[Using Sublime Text as a script editor]]'''
'''[[Using Notepad Plus Plus as a script editor]]'''
Notepad++ is a powerful text editor based on Scintilla (which is where UniSciTE is also based from).
Notepad++ is a powerful text editor based on Scintilla (which is where UniSciTE is also based from).

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Language Support and Operating System
* Additional bundle required (see above)
** OSX and Windows support still in beta

Unity's bundled script editors

MonoDevelop-Unity (OSX, WIN)

The leading Unity IDE editor for Mac, Windows. MonoDevelop-Unity is a fork of MonoDevelop with added Unity-specific features.

Unitron (OSX)

Unitron was previously the official script editor bundled with Unity; it is no longer in active development, in lieu of MonoDevelop-Unity. Unitron is a derivation of an older version of Smultron with some added Unity-specific features.

UniSciTE (WIN)

Previously leading script editor Unity script editor on Windows. UniSciTE is a derivation of SciTE with added Unity-specific features.

MonoDevelop-Unity (OSX, Windows, Linux)

MonoDevelop-Unity is the Unity-specific implementation of MonoDevelop, an open source IDE tailored for developing in Mono/.Net.

As the leading IDE for Unity, MonoDevelop-Unity tightly integrates with Unity functions includes advanced IDE features like auto completion, debugging, code insight, & custom color scheme editing. It supports .JS / UnityScript, C# and Boo.

Bundled with Unity: Get it with Unity for Mac, Windows

MonoDevelop-Unity source code: GitHub

Non-Unity specific versions: Mac, Windows, Linux

Notepad++ (Windows)

Using Notepad Plus Plus as a script editor

Notepad++ is a powerful text editor based on Scintilla (which is where UniSciTE is also based from).

Emacs (OSX, Windows, *nix)

Emacs, one of the most useful editors. it's very extensible with just whatever you want, it can go from a msn client to a Calendar program and all in the same editor! :) More info about the emacs mode for JS can be found at:

TextMate (OSX)

TextMate is a popular general text editor for OSX. It's very extensible with tabs, macros, snippets, code folding and shell inegration. Unity-specific bundles exist for JavaScript, Boo and C#.

Contributor Notes

If you're a bundle author, please edit the below & upload the bundles here, rather than linking to messy forums. Also, please fill out any missing info, including bundle version (use date if you're not tracking versions), which version of the Unity API the bundle supports, iPhone API support, etc.

If you want to make a change to an existing bundle, i.e. include your own formatting, folding etc. please first post in the discussion page before updating the bundle and allow 1 day for feedback. This gives people who follow this page a chance to consider the changes for inclusion (this is intended Wiki usage).

Lastly, feel free to edit the formatting, appearance, etc. of the entries; it's OUR wiki after-all! :)





Other ShaderLab

Sublime Text (OSX, Windows, Linux)

Using Sublime Text as a script editor

Sublime Text is a popular cross-platform text and source code editor. It is extendable and its community has contributed numerous packages(plugins/extensions/addons) for Sublime Text.

Official Website


Contributor Notes

Feel free to edit the mode; however, it would be appreciated if you could donate me from my website I will soon be coming out with modes for Boo and C#. Enjoy!

Unity JavaScript

UnityDevelop (WIN)

UnityDevelop is a modification of FlashDevelop (an excellent ActionScript editor). It understands Unity JavaScript and provides autocomplete for your scripts and built-in Unity stuff. It also provides very basic syntax highlighting for ShaderLab.

UnityDevelop 4 (based on FlashDevelop 4, 2012)

Old version (based on FlashDevelop 2.0, 2009)

UnityScript Editor (WIN)

UnityScript Editor is a specially designed editor for the Unity 3D javascript language. Syntax highlighting for all commands, functions and attributes, makes it easy to see what’s going on in your scripts. UnityScript features Intelliprompt support for all of UnityScripts functions and commands (excludes Editor specific functions), as well as command details when the mouse is hovered over keywords. That's the blurb from the website. Personally, I find it to do pretty much everything I want. Plus the developer seems to really want feedback to make it the perfect script editor and puts out constant updates. Excellent. Oh and it's free to download, but worth a donation.

SubEthaEdit (OSX)

SubEthaEdit is know for its collaborative features over the bonjour network.

BBEdit (OSX)

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