Running Unity Web Player on Linux using Pipelight

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Officially Unity Technologies only support creating executable standalone games/3D applications which can then be run on Linux. This is done by using the Unity Editor in Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems. Unity Technologies do not provide a Linux version of the Unity Editor, nor the Unity Web Player. Unity Web Player can still be run on Linux versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome by using Pipelight. "Pipelight is a special browser plugin which allows one to use Windows only plugins inside Linux browsers."



Developers and contributors to the Pipelight project have added a plugin for running the Unity Web Player. Instructions on how to install and enable the plugin are listed in their Pipelight installation instructions. Pipelight and Unity Web Player plugin installation page -


When a new version of the Web Player is available, two/three commands have to be executed in order to update it. Save this in a file, without an extension, to a "bin" directory, like "~/bin/update_web_player" in order to easily launch it from the command line(also make it executable):

Forcing OpenGL (In progress)

Windows version uses DirectX and OpenGL calls and there is no -force-opengl option for the Web Player. Some Linux users have managed to force Unity Editor in OpenGL mode without a crash, using a patched Wine version. Possibility to force the Web Player to use OpenGL is discussed here: (Help from Mac OS/OSX users/developers would be appreciated)


#FDS-Team: Pipelight Project
#Tomasz Zackiewicz,

#update the checksum of Unity3D Web Player
sudo pipelight-plugin --update

#for Firefox, clear the plugin cache
sudo pipelight-plugin --create-mozilla-plugins

#enabling Unity3D Web Player
sudo pipelight-plugin --enable unity3d

Community Support

Wine Application Database (AppDB)

Unity Web Player page -

At the time of this writing, 25th April, 2014, all posted tests are about how to install the Unity Web Player on Windows versions of Mozilla Firefox, as support from Pipelight was not available yet for native Linux internet browsers.

If you have used the Unity Web Player for notable amount of time, then it would be helpful to vote for the closest compatible test done within AppDB or make your own test.

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