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Here is a list of the various standard/recommended project folders in use. These are folders which appear inside your Project window, therefore effectively within your Assets folder on your filesystem.

Unless otherwise stated these are all relevant to Unity 3.4.

Folder name Description Folder location
Resources Any resources you wish to load using Resources.Load must go here Anywhere
Editor Any scripts which alter the Unity editing environment itself must go in here Anywhere
Plugins Any external DLLs and scripts go in here (Pro only), see: Manual: Plugins In project root only
Standard Assets Standard scripts & other assets go in here when imported (i.e. when creating a new project) In project root only
Pro Standard Assets As above but for Pro users only In project root only
Gizmos Scripts which are used to display gizmos in the editor - excluded from any build In project root only
WebplayerTemplates Scripts which are placed within this directory will not be compiled In project root only
Editor Default Resources Resources in this folder are available to EditorGUIUtility.Load(). A good place to keep GUISkins. [1] In project root only



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