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Author: Jonathan Czeck (aarku)



This script provides menu items to nudge the pixelInset of a GUITexture by 1 pixel or 10 pixels. This is useful for positioning user interfaces. It saves time because you don't have to repeatedly perform addition and subtraction on both xMin and xMax or yMin and yMax values.


Place this script in YourProject/Assets/Editor/NudgeGUIElements.cs and menu items will automatically appear in the Custom menu after it is compiled. Then select one or more GUIText and/or GUITexture and select a nudge item in the menu.


Sometimes the key combinations do not work. It is not clear why. Also, you must coerce Unity to update the display of GUITextures after nudging.

C# - NudgeGUITexture.cs

<csharp>using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor;

public class NudgeGUIElements : ScriptableObject {

   [MenuItem ("Custom/Nudge GUI/Left ^j")]
   static void NudgeLeft()
       Nudge(-1f, 0f);
   [MenuItem ("Custom/Nudge GUI/Left Fast ^#j")]
   static void NudgeLeftFast()
       Nudge(-10f, 0f);
   [MenuItem ("Custom/Nudge GUI/Right ^l")]
   static void NudgeRight()
       Nudge(1f, 0f);
   [MenuItem ("Custom/Nudge GUI/Right Fast ^#l")]
   static void NudgeRightFast()
       Nudge(10f, 0f);
   [MenuItem ("Custom/Nudge GUI/Up ^o")]
   static void NudgeUp()
       Nudge(0f, 1f);
   [MenuItem ("Custom/Nudge GUI/Up Fast ^#o")]
   static void NudgeUpFast()
       Nudge(0f, 10f);
   [MenuItem ("Custom/Nudge GUI/Down ^k")]
   static void NudgeDown()
       Nudge(0f, -1f);
   [MenuItem ("Custom/Nudge GUI/Down Fast ^#k")]
   static void NudgeDownFast()
       Nudge(0f, -10f);
   static void Nudge(float x, float y)
       // this probably could be thought out better
       Object[] objects = Selection.GetFiltered(typeof(GUITexture), SelectionMode.Deep | SelectionMode.Editable);
       foreach (GUITexture guiTexture in objects)
           Rect pixelInset = guiTexture.pixelInset;
           pixelInset.xMin += x;
           pixelInset.xMax += x;
           pixelInset.yMin += y;
           pixelInset.yMax += y;
           guiTexture.pixelInset = pixelInset;
       objects = Selection.GetFiltered(typeof(GUIText), SelectionMode.Deep | SelectionMode.Editable);
       foreach (GUIText guiText in objects)
           Vector2 pixelOffset = guiText.pixelOffset;
           pixelOffset.x += x;
           pixelOffset.y += y;
           guiText.pixelOffset = pixelOffset;

} </csharp>

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