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Welcome to the UnifyWiki
The UnifyWiki is part of the Unify Community and is a place to find and share Unity knowledge.

Wiki News
  • IMPORTANT: syntax highlighting now uses different tags. Where you previously could write <csharp>, <javascript> or <boo>, you now have to write <syntaxhighlight lang="csharp">. The names used for each language have not changed. You can learn more about the syntax highlighter's features here.
  • The spam filter has been tightened a bit. If the wiki refuses an edit because it says it's spam and you don't know why, please contact an administrator.
  • It is possible to upload zip archives to the Unify wiki. We encourage you to provide a zipped copy of your script or shader when adding a new article, as this will help to avoid problems with various web browsers where garbage characters are introduced into text which is copied and pasted from these pages.
  • The maximum file size for any uploaded file is now 512KB, and this includes images as well as zip files. Unfortunately, unityPackage files are not directly supported at present, as we have been unable to make MediaWiki recognise the unusually long filename extension. If you wish to add a unityPackage to the wiki, please zip it first.

Special thanks to Aarku, Dho, NCarter, Freyr, Outcast and others.

We're currently working on 847 articles about Unity and related subjects.

Please see the discussion page of the main page for current goals and status. Please read these general guidelines before you begin editing.

To create a new page, add a link to an existing page, then follow the link and edit the new page. It's a good idea to copy the layout from an existing page initially, to ensure that your contribution matches the conventions used in our existing articles. If you just want to experiment, you can do so in the sandbox.

Main Sections
  • Extensions - Further extend the functionality of Unity with .NET plugins (suitable for any Unity licence) and native code plugins (for Pro users only).
  • Particle Library - Pre-configured particle systems for use in your own projects.
  • Scripts - Everything from general purpose effects to debugging.
  • Shaders - Specialised shaders to make your materials more refined.
  • Wizards - Scripts to extend the Unity editor.
  • Tips, Tools & Tricks - Tips and tricks for editing Unity content and supported tools & applications.
  • Contests - User contests for fun and fame!
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