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==Script Archive==
==Script Archive==
<b>Character Controller Scripts</b>
<b>Character Controller Scripts</b>
*[[ShipControls]] - Place this script on a rigidbody for 2D spaceship controls like [ OverWhelmed Arena].
*[[ShipControls]] - Place this script on a [ RigidBody] for 2D spaceship controls like [ OverWhelmed Arena].
*[[Force2D]] - Place this script on a [ GameObject] and have it constrained to two dimensions.
<b>General Concepts</b>
<b>General Concepts</b>

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Welcome to the UnityWiki

The UnityWiki is part of the Unify Web experience and is a place to find and share Unity scripts, wizards, tips, etc. Special thanks to Aarku, Dh0, NCarter, Freyr, Outcast and others.

Please see the discussion page of the main page for current goals and status.

Visit User's Guide for usage and configuration help.

Script Archive

Character Controller Scripts

General Concepts

  • AManagerClass - example on how to add easy access to a singleton class in a scene.

General Purpose Effect Scripts

  • StopEmittingAfterDelay - After a configurable delay, particles will fade naturally, then finally the object will get destroyed with autodestruct.

Graphical User Interface Scripts

  • Button - Use this script on a guiTexture object for regular push buttons that send a message when clicked.
  • GuiRatioFixer - Use on a guiText/guiTexture object to automatically adjust aspect ratio

Heads Up Display Scripts

Shaders Archive

  • TexturedFont - Use this shader in place of the built in Text Shader for multicolored fonts instead of solid colored ones.

Wizards Archive

These scripts go in the Assets/Editor folder of your project and require at least version 1.2 of Unity.

GameObject Manipulation

  • PlaceSelectionOnSurface - Takes the current selection and raycasts downward from each object and moves them to where they hit.
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