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This page is marked for deletion

This page is for cataloging and tracking the major known issues affecting each version of Unity. The purpose of the page is to allow developers to quickly make themselves aware of the issues they might encounter while developing - obviously we hope they all get fixed eventually, but it's usually helpful to know what they are in the meantime so you don't waste time wondering what's going on.


  • Don't report new issues here - file them with the bug reporter, send them to Unity Support, and/or post them on the forum. Link them here when you've done that.
  • Keep it brief.
  • Link to more information.
  • Report issues in Unity, not in your games. Post on the forum/UnityAnswers to discuss them if you're not sure.
  • Include bug numbers if you have been given them.
  • If a bug is resolved without a new release - e.g. if it turns out to be your drivers, scripts, etc - don't delete the bug from this list, just italicise it and add a note that it's been resolved.

Unity 3.4.0f5

  • Known issues in 3.4 according to UT at release:
    • iOS: Build&Run feature is not fully supported on Xcode 4.x.
    • Fonts are currently not unloaded on Mac OS X 10.7 due to a crash bug related to that.
    • Mouse position for Win7 touchscreen input still incorrect in windowed mode.
  • Unknown crash bug Vista x64, Case #00072459

Unity 3.3.0f3

  • Known issues from 3.2 that were not mentioned as fixed in the 3.3 release notes:
    • When autoconnect profiler is enabled the Editor can become unresponsive after selecting Build and run for Android.
    • Files can not be imported from modo 401, due to a problem in Modo batch mode.
    • UV coordinates for some meshes are not imported from Modo correctly, due to a problem in Modo Collada plugin.
    • Normals for some meshes are always exported from Modo as hard edges, due to a problem in Modo Collada plugin.
    • 3dsMax reference meshes are not imported correctly (FBX plugins do no export any modifications added on top of the instance), because of a bug in the FBX plugin for 3DS Max.
    • Materials on instance meshes are not imported correctly - they always share the same material. This happens due to structure of FBX files, so this can't be fixed until Autodesk makes FBX structures more suitable for instanced meshes with different materials.
    • When duplicating a dirty asset its preview in the Object Picker is incorrect until dirty again.
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