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Here are some typical formatting elements. Hit the edit button above to see what you need to type to get each effect.

The Contents box you see below is generated automatically and responds to heading lines you add to the text:


Level 1 heading

Don't use level one headings if you can help it. Use level 2 headings for anything which needs a clear dividing line, and level 3 for most other things.

Level 2 heading

Level 3 heading

Level 4 heading

Level 5 heading
Level 6 heading

Use multiple single quotes for italics and bold instead of the equivalent HTML tags.

If you want to leave a paragraph break, use two carriage returns. If you only use one, it'll automatically join the second sentence onto the first.

You can add a horizontal divider, like the one above, by typing four dashes.

In talk pages, you can type --~~~~ (two dashes and four tildes) to sign your comments with your name and a datestamp. This makes it easier to tell who is writing. The signature looks like this: --NCarter 23:11, 28 April 2006 (GMT)


You can do lists by prefixing each item with asterisks:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

Numbered lists are done in the same way, but with hash signs:

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three

You can nest lists by adding extra symbols, and you can even mix numbered and non-numbered lists:

  • One
  • Two
    • One
    • Two
      1. One
      2. Two
    • Three
  • Three

Internal links

Don't use complete URLs for internal links. Just use the bit which appears after 'index.php?title=' in the URL. The following are examples of how to make various kinds of links:

Main Page - no need to use underscores for spaces... this is handled automatically.

Link with a different title - use a bar | character to separate the link from the title.

Category:MonoBehaviour - an unformatted link to a category. For links to other namespaces, it's necessary to use a leading colon to cancel out the other colon between the namespace and the page name.

A link to a category with a different title - Again, use a bar character as a separator.

External links

Unity - external link. Note that the link title is separated from the URL by a space. You can't use a bar character for this purpose.

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