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General Guidelines

  • Please spell check your additions and check punctuation and grammar to the best of your ability. The more people who do this the better the site will be.
  • Please look at some similar topics to the one you would like to write for general guides on formatting if possible. If it isn't possible, then just perform your best and we can turn this Wiki into an excellent resource.
  • Discussion and comments about a page belong in the separate discussion page. The more we can use useful features like this of MediaWiki the better our site will be. This one keeps the main page clean and the "TODO" in a concise spot. You can visit the discussion page for any page from the link at the top of the page.
  • When creating linked page, use the original page as the prefix. example. Page Name, Page Name/Page1, Page Name/Page2, Page Name/Page3. This helps with indexing and search results.
  • Don't use tabs in code examples. They are hard to type when editing in a browser and lines containing tabs have weird problems when combined with links generated by the syntax highlighter. If you have a script file with tabs and don't want to change that, you can copy the contents and then run the following line in a command shell before pasting it into the wiki: pbpaste | expand -t 4 | pbcopy (This example assumes you have set your editor to have a tab stop every 4 characters).
  • Categories will help this project out in the long run. Please try to use them logically and look at existing pages for use examples in our project's context.

Creating Script Pages

Page layouts within the Unify Community Wiki are important. By following these guidelines you help ensure wiki pages are clear and precise.

  • Author = This is you the person writing the page, please include any credits to people here also.
  • Description = A general description of what the script/code can do.
  • Usage = How to use the script/code (please give clear precise instructions).
  • Code = Use the code format below when writing you codes.
  • Categories = Place the relevant category tags at the bottom of the page.

More editing help.

Script Tags

Csharp Script Tag
<syntaxhighlight lang="csharp">  Insert script text here </syntaxhighlight> 

The csharp tag will produce the following example.

public class TestEvent : IEvent
    public TestEvent()
    string IEvent.GetName()
        return this.GetType().ToString();
    object IEvent.GetData()
        return "TestEvent Data goes here!";
JavaScript/UnityScript Tag
<syntaxhighlight lang="javascript">  Insert script text here </syntaxhighlight> 

The javascript tag will produce the following example.

// CoUpdate script skeleton.
#pragma strict
function Start()
function CoStart() : IEnumerator
    while (true)
        yield CoUpdate();
function CoUpdate() : IEnumerator
    // Place your update code here.
Boo Script Tag
<syntaxhighlight lang="boo">  Insert script text here </syntaxhighlight> 

The Boo script tag will produce the following example.

class MessageText (Message):
            return _text
    _text as string
    def constructor (text):
        _text = text
        # send the message
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