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Author: Jeff Craighead (jeffcraighead)


Uses a USGS GridFloat topo file as the heightmap for the terrain. The GridFloat files for at least the US, maybe elsewhere are available on the USGS seamless map server. GridFloat files are just a sequence of 4-byte floating point numbers. There is a header file that must accompany the file with the extension .hdr. In the header file there should be at least 2 fields nrows and ncols.


You must place the script in a folder named Editor in your project's Assets folder for it to work properly.

To turn a texture into a heightmap, click on the .flt in your project (make sure the .hdr is in the same folder), then select the Heightmap From GridFloat item in the Terrain menu. This irretrievably overwrites the existing heightmap (but not any terrain textures etc.), so you'll be asked to confirm this action. The script is set for 1/3 arc-second scans. Those have a cell size of 10m. If you use a different resolution scan you will need to adjust the cellSize value in the script in order for the terrain size to be in meters.

JavaScript - HeightmapFromGridFloat.js

<javascript> import System; import System.IO;

@MenuItem ("Terrain/Heightmap From GridFloat")

static function ApplyHeightmap () {

var cellSize : float = 10;//adjust this according to the resolution of the file you are using.

	var filepath : String = null;

var hdrpath : String = null;

var bytes : byte[]; var newHeights : Array[]; var width = 0; //number of columns of GridFloat data var height = 0; //number of rows of GridFloat data var maxHeight = 0.0; //max height value in the file

filepath = EditorUtility.GetAssetPath(Selection.activeObject); hdrpath = Path.ChangeExtension(filepath,".hdr");

   if (filepath == null) { 
       EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("No file selected", "Please select a FloatGrid (.flt) file.", "Cancel"); 

if(File.Exists(hdrpath)){ var hdrReader : StreamReader = new StreamReader(hdrpath); var hdrTemp : String = null; hdrTemp = hdrReader.ReadLine(); while(hdrTemp!=null){ var spaceStart : int = hdrTemp.IndexOf(" "); var spaceEnd : int = hdrTemp.LastIndexOf(" ");

hdrTemp=hdrTemp.Remove(spaceStart, spaceEnd-spaceStart);

var lineTemp : String[] = hdrTemp.Split(" "[0]);

switch(lineTemp[0]){ case "nrows": height = Int32.Parse(lineTemp[1]); break; case "ncols": width = Int32.Parse(lineTemp[1]); break; default: break; } hdrTemp = hdrReader.ReadLine(); } } else{ EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("File not found!", "The header (HDR) file is missing.", "Cancel");



if(File.Exists(filepath)){ bytes = File.ReadAllBytes(filepath); newHeights = new Array[height];

for(var i=0; i<height;i++){ newHeights[i]=new Array[width]; for(var j=0; j<width; j++){ newHeights[i][j] = BitConverter.ToSingle(bytes,i*width*4+j*4); if(newHeights[i][j]>maxHeight) maxHeight = newHeights[i][j]; } } } else{ EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("File not found!", "Odd, I thought I saw it.", "Cancel");



   if (!EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("Warning", "This will overwrite the existing heightmap; no undo is possible. Are you sure you want to proceed?", "Apply heightmap", "Cancel")) {
   var terrain = Terrain.activeTerrain.terrainData;
   var w2 = terrain.heightmapWidth;
   var heightmapData = terrain.GetHeights(0, 0, w2, w2);
	var wRatio : float = (width*1.0)/(w2*1.0);

var hRatio : float = (height*1.0)/(w2*1.0);

terrain.size.x = Mathf.Floor(width*cellSize); terrain.size.z = Mathf.Floor(height*cellSize); terrain.size.y=maxHeight;

   for (y = 0; y < w2; y++) {
       for (x = 0; x < w2; x++) {
           var tempU = 0;

var tempD = 0; var tempL = 0; var tempR = 0; var tempUL = 0; var tempUR = 0; var tempDL = 0; var tempDR = 0;

if(Mathf.Floor(x*wRatio)>0 && Mathf.Floor(x*wRatio)<width-1 && Mathf.Floor(y*hRatio)>0 && Mathf.Floor(y*hRatio)<height-1){ tempL = (newHeights[Mathf.Floor(y*hRatio)][Mathf.Floor(x*wRatio)-1] - newHeights[Mathf.Floor(y*hRatio)][Mathf.Floor(x*wRatio)])*wRatio; tempR = (newHeights[Mathf.Floor(y*hRatio)][Mathf.Floor(x*wRatio)] - newHeights[Mathf.Floor(y*hRatio)][Mathf.Floor(x*wRatio)+1])*wRatio; tempU = (newHeights[Mathf.Floor(y*hRatio)-1][Mathf.Floor(x*wRatio)] - newHeights[Mathf.Floor(y*hRatio)][Mathf.Floor(x*wRatio)])*hRatio; tempD = (newHeights[Mathf.Floor(y*hRatio)][Mathf.Floor(x*wRatio)] - newHeights[Mathf.Floor(y*hRatio)+1][Mathf.Floor(x*wRatio)])*hRatio; }

var avg = (newHeights[y*hRatio][x*wRatio]) + (tempL+tempR+tempU+tempD); heightmapData[x,y] = avg/terrain.size.y;

   terrain.SetHeights(0, 0, heightmapData);

} </javascript>

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