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Extension methods extend existing functionality to existing types.


  • EditorGUIExtension - Some extensions to make coding the GUI for utilities/custom inspectors easier.
  • EnumExtensions - This script provides an instance TryParse method for .Net's System.Enum class.
  • GenericMenuExtensions - Extension methods allowing you to cleanly add items to GenericMenu instances using chained method calls.
  • GetOrAddComponent - Simple method extension to save 2 or 3 lines of very redundant and ugly code. It will check if component exists before adding new one.
  • IsVisibleFrom - This C# class gives simple extension access to checking if an Renderer is rendered by a specific Camera.
  • LayerMaskExtensions - This C# class gives simple extension access to manipulating and debugging LayerMasks.
  • QuaternionExtensions - This script provide a few useful extensions to the inbuilt 'Quaternion' struct.
  • TextureFloodFill - Two extension methods for Texture2D which allows you to perform a floodfill operation on the texture.
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