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The AssetCloud web interface
The AssetCloud web interface

Ac logo.png Defective Studios Asset Cloud


The AssetCloud Unity Plug-in
The AssetCloud Unity Plug-in

AssetCloud is a GameObject serialization method and asset management system developed by Defective Studios to help improve the process of working with a team on Unity Free. We're sharing our production pipeline, which provides Nestable, merge-able, versioned, server-based asset management for Unity. Assets are uploaded to a central cloud service for storage, backup, and version tracking via an AJAX/PHP web application or a Unity plug-in. Once an asset is tracked, it can be included in a Schematic, which is a string-based version of a Unity prefab, which can be nested within other schematics, and merged via a standard diff tool. The plug-in can interpret the Json-based schematic string and re-build your object in Unity, the same way, on every computer.

The service is currently in beta, and free to try. Unfortunately, we've got bills to pay, and once the (yet indefinite) beta period expires, we're going to have to start charging our users money to cover server fees and support its development. On that note specifically, if any Unify moderator objects to the future commerical nature of this project, please contact us at Defective, and we're happy to take the page down.

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