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The WheelHitSource struct represents properties of the state of the WheelColliderSource for the current update.

I found no reason to encapsulate the members of the struct as there was no validation or processing involved, as well as the ease of transitioning to properties if in the future they were necessary.


 * WheelHitSource
 * This class was created by:
 * Nic Tolentino.
 * rotatingcube@gmail.com
 * I take no liability for it's use and is provided as is.
 * The classes are based off the original code developed by Unity Technologies.
 * You are free to use, modify or distribute these classes however you wish, 
 * I only ask that you make mention of their use in your project credits.
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public struct WheelHitSource 
    public Collider Collider; //The other Collider the wheel is hitting.
    public Vector3 Point; //The point of contact between the wheel and the ground.
    public Vector3 Normal; //The normal at the point of contact.
    public Vector3 ForwardDir; //The direction the wheel is pointing in.
    public Vector3 SidewaysDir; //The sideways direction of the wheel.
    public Vector3 Force; //The magnitude of the force being applied for the contact.
    public float ForwardSlip; //Tire slip in the rolling direction. Acceleration slip is negative, braking slip is positive.
    public float SidewaysSlip; //Tire slip in the sideways direction.
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