Using Dreamweaver as a script editor

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Aaron Cross- with most of the good advice from Tom Higgins (HiggyB)

Why Dreamweaver?

Collapsing and Expanding Code

If you are working on a long script it can be disorientating scrolling up and down to find various functions-often it would be easier to see the whole script at once, but that would sometimes require a giant monitor screen. Another option is to collapse or expand different pieces of code, so you can hide the parts you wont be editing. Dreamweaver can help here.

1. In Unity, set your script editor to Dreamweaver:

Go Unity>Preferences: Navigate to your Dreamweaver App.

2. In Unity, double click a script, and Dreamweaver should open instead of Unitron.

3. In Dreamweaver, highlight a text block using click and drag- it will turn blue. Notice the little arrows that appear in the left-hand margin.

4. Click the top one, and the code block should collapse. Click it again, and the code block should expand.

Making the collapsed code "hint" give you more characters

PLEASE NOTE. This requires editing the preferences file, which may break other Dreamweaver settings. To quote Tom:


Note that I edited the file with TextEdit and it somehow flushed all my recent app prefs and apparently some others so I'm not sure what I did there (it did keep all my site definitions and whatnot). If that sort of stuff is mission critical then you might backup the prefs file first just to be safe.


There is no in-app way of increasing the character count for the "hint" so:

1. Quit out of Dreamweaver

2. Find the prefs file for Dreamweaver

eg CS3:

User/library/Preferences/Adobe DW CS3 Prefs

eg Dreamweaver 8:

User/Library/Preferences/Dreamweaver 8 Prefs

3. Inside that look for the section for Code Collapse, it has '[Code Collapse]' as its heading.

4. Change to desired value (default is only 7) and save & close the file

5. Relaunch Dreamweaver

You should now see a more descriptive "hint" at what your hidden code snippet is.

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