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I create, because I love to, its what I've done my whole life and I'd never choose to do anything else. Creation isn't just an idea, its the culmination of concept and realization. Its distilling many ideas into a focused beam and communicating them in many ways at once. I have created with light and sound, paint and pixels, clay and bits, wood and screws, and with pen and paper. I've discovered the medium is less important then the message within, which is tantamount.

Occasionally I am asked the question, "What's your style?" I am a chameleon made out of fluid. I'm always bold, and willing to try just about anything. Techniques are tools, and I feel its best to use whatever is the right tool for the job. If you can't find the right tool, improvise.

I am driven by a fountain of youth, contained within my heart, endlessly bubbling with passion. I've lived a life less ordinary, which contributes to my bold and unique flavor.

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