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I am an owner and president of Legendary Realms Terrain, LR Game Studio, and a founding member of Nights of Qualara. I have spent over 20 years in the IT development world in large organizations; however, recently I have begun to turn my attention to software development within LR Game Studio. LR Game Studio is the IT and Software development arm of other endeavors. Legendary Realms Terrain is a 3d RPG manufacturing organization and Nights of Qualara is a fledgling multi-game store RPG spanning a single living campaign world. As part of these two endeavors, LR Game Studio has begun to move into game and utility development to support the ideas and IPs emerging from both Legendary Realms and Nights of Qualara.

Having spent most of my IT career on the design and development of Enterprise Systems, I am leading the LR Game Studio team into game development. Languages include: C#,, PHP, HTML, SQL, and others. My skills include SDLC methodologies, Waterfall (bleh), Agile, etc... Database and system design. Business and Systems analysis.

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