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Seasoned Developer - PHP / C# / Java / C++ / C

Pro Linux Adminstrator - CentOS and RHEL plz.

Database Guru MySQL, CouchDB, MongoDB

Tool Guy You need EditorScripts? I got lots.

Application Architect/Project Manager Sure, I do that too. Have worked for fortune 500 companies.

Basically, I live in Canada, and work from a home office. If you would like to discuss something you can always find me on Skype, or IRC (LuckyBurger). I started working with unity professionally earlier this year after working as a PHP/Application Architect for 7 years. I have made a few contacts and will be starting up a proper game development studio in 2014. I am taking this year to relax a bit while completing various projects, mainly to build up a long list of library functions that extend Unity.

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