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Amateur hobbyist game developer.

Working with Unity since version 3.0.

Self proclaimed indy dev working alone, and therefore wearing many hats.

Released a couple of small games, with some of them making it to Steam, if that counts for anything.

Mostly doing prototypes however just to explore new ideas.

Either way, I like to keep all my code opensource and make it available to others on my Github page:

My sounds can be found on freesound:

And my assets on opengameart:

You can always contact me via mail at Steam at

Wiki pages

  • LevelUp - Provides the basic formula for leveling up characters based on experience points.
  • ModularConstruction - Basic general purpose modular building system for Rust-like buildings, or anything else made from modules.
  • XKCDColorsByIndex - A modified version of XKCDColors, accessible by index rather than name.
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