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Welcome to the second edition of the UniKnowledge contest. The last contest was a great success and you can see the winners and submitted entries by [clicking here]. This is the contest information page, where you can find all the information you need to join the contest and send your project.


About UniKnowledge 2

UniKnowledge 2 is very similar to the last UniKnowledge. The concept is the same: develop a sample game project and document the development. You can comment the code, create a tutorial, record videos and video-tutorials... it's up to you. The best entry wins, and by best entry we mean the entry that teaches most.

However, UniKnowledge 2 has a theme. The sample game must be a vehicle-oriented game, meaning that you can teach people how to make a good kart racing game, or a dogfight game, or a motocross game... etc.

How it works

This contest consists of, basically, building an easy-to-understand and well-documented sample game project for Unity users. You don't need to worry about media, you can just use primitives and/or prototype media. The important thing is that you finish the game prototype and teach well: from brainstorming, to game logic and programming. The objective here is to develop the best sample project, not the best game. This means that you have to:

  • Focus on the gameplay structure of the project
  • Make it playable. Play the prototype yourself and see if it plays good, smoothly
  • Explain everything you did, and how to reproduce that
  • You can use everything to aid the teaching process: videos, presentations, images, etc.
  • Comment your code!
  • Explain how and why things work

The best projects will be voted by a board of judges. I will invite and announce the judges later on. If you are interested in being a judge, just contact me. The criteria will be:

  • How well the project was presented
  • How well the projects plays
  • How documented the project is
  • How accessible the information is
  • How easy to use, understand and learn from, the sample is

Submitted Entries

The following is a complete list of contestants so far in order of completion.


We are still looking for sponsors, so this list might be updated soon with more prizes.

1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:


All entries must be submitted to the official contest thread in the Unity forums. The last day to submit your entry is April 15th. After the deadline, entries will be analyzed by the panel of judges and the winners will be chosen.

Panel of judges

I will invite 6 members of the Unity community (plus me, having 7 in total) to be judges of this contest. If you don't plan on participating and wish to be added as judge, just contact me. In order to be a judge, you must be a well-known member in the community. I won't invite new users or "ghosts".


This contest was only made possible because of our sponsors. They donated the prizes and it would be nice if you guys could visit their websites and check their products. Thank you!








Wekko Games




Cheetah 3D



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