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Author: Zach Aikman (Zach Aikman)


My goal was to add copy/paste functionality to the Transform component and to make it as intuitive as possible to use. Thankfully, Unity provides a method of adding context menus to specific component types, including the mandatory Transform.

Transform data can be copy/pasted as a whole, or you can choose to copy/paste the position, rotation or scale individually.


This script need to be placed in a folder called "Editor" in the root of your project's Assets folder -> Assets/Editor/TransformContextMenu.cs.

Right click on a Transform component to see the context menu of copy/paste operations.

C# - TransformContextMenu.cs

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System.Collections;
/// <summary>
/// Extends the Transform context menu to provide support for copying, pasting
/// and pushing position/rotation/scale data around.
/// Code by Zach Aikman -
/// </summary>
public class TransformContextMenu
    private class TransformClipboard
        public Vector3      position;
        public Quaternion   rotation;
        public Vector3      scale;
        public bool isPositionSet = false;
        public bool isRotationSet = false;
        public bool isScaleSet = false;
    private static TransformClipboard clipboard = new TransformClipboard();
    #region Copy Methods
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Copy Transform", false, 150)]
    static void CopyTransform()
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Copy Position", false, 151)]
    static void CopyPosition()
        clipboard.position = Selection.activeTransform.localPosition;
        clipboard.isPositionSet = true;
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Copy Rotation", false, 152)]
    static void CopyRotation()
        clipboard.rotation = Selection.activeTransform.localRotation;
        clipboard.isRotationSet = true;
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Copy Scale", false, 153)]
    static void CopyScale()
        clipboard.scale = Selection.activeTransform.localScale;
        clipboard.isScaleSet = true;
    #region Paste Methods
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Paste Transform", false, 200)]
    static void PasteTransform()
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Paste Position", false, 201)]
    static void PastePosition()
        Undo.RegisterUndo(Selection.activeTransform, "Paste Position");
        Selection.activeTransform.localPosition = clipboard.position;
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Paste Rotation", false, 202)]
    static void PasteRotation()
        Undo.RegisterUndo(Selection.activeTransform, "Paste Rotation");
        Selection.activeTransform.localRotation = clipboard.rotation;
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Paste Scale", false, 203)]
    static void PasteScale()
        Undo.RegisterUndo(Selection.activeTransform, "Paste Scale");
        Selection.activeTransform.localScale = clipboard.scale;
    #region Validation
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Paste Transform", true)]
    static bool ValidatePasteTransform()
        return ValidatePastePosition() && ValidatePasteRotation() && ValidatePasteScale();
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Paste Position", true)]
    static bool ValidatePastePosition()
        return clipboard.isPositionSet;
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Paste Rotation", true)]
    static bool ValidatePasteRotation()
        return clipboard.isRotationSet;
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Paste Scale", true)]
    static bool ValidatePasteScale()
        return clipboard.isScaleSet;
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Push To Children", true)]
    static bool ValidatePushToChildren()
        return Selection.activeTransform.childCount > 0;
    [MenuItem("CONTEXT/Transform/Push To Parent", true)]
    static bool ValidatePushToParent()
        return Selection.activeTransform.parent != null;
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