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  • Reparametrize for arc-length, so to allow following it at constant velocity
  • Make it TCB based (Kochanek-Bartels spline).
  • Allow for user-edited times in the control points.

A good interface for editing the TCB and times would be to add a component to the control points which has all these params. If this component exits, the SplineController reads it.

Thank You!!

I just want to thank all of the guys who put this online. It was very nice of you to put it online, and it's been incredibly helpful.


Hello, I'm not sure if this is the best way that I can get in touch with the creator of this code/page, but I figured that I would posit my own solution to this problem, which uses meshes instead of GameObjects to create the spline, and allows the user to interact with (i.e. control with the keyboard) the spline. I'm using it as the character controller for a platforming game. I haven't pulled it apart from the character script yet, so it's not ready to be put on Unify, but I was wondering how we might go about sharing this page, or perhaps joining forces on this project :)

You can contact me at (don't worry, it's a public e-mail addresss).

Script fix

23.6.2012 - Added a small fix to the Javascript version of the Spline Controller script. Unity 3.5 complained about the "extends" keyword in line 90. I have replaced it by "implements". - Tiles

EDIT, i just hate Wiki pages. Everything is so cumbersome to change. I still search for a way to replace the zip file. But it seems that there is no way :(

EDIT2, the Javascript version spits out an error at Line 24 in SplineController.js. Replacing the trouble line with this seems to fix the issue:

var interp = GetComponent (SplineInterpolator);

Everything seems to work proper then. But i am unsure. So i don`t change it in the script, but place a comment here.

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