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I added a line to the JavaScript version that adds direction facing to the movement. I found the initial script here: [1]

If someone can add a C# version of the line, that would be awesome.


How would you apply this to the character? I applied it to my already existing one with a Character Controller, and Character Motor and FPSInput Controller script applied. Attaching the GridMove Scipt had no effect (The Character Motor must override it, but if i disable any of the previously listed components I can't move entirely. How do I use it? Thanks!

Answer: you don't use a character controller if you're using GridMove. Just use some standard object with no other movement scripts.

Shouldn't some of c# variables be public (to change in inspector)?

Setting up the User-defined Grid

Hello Eric,

How do you set up the user-defined grid? I don't need/want the full code or tool walkthrough just some hints on what I should look at/learn to get me started.

Thank you, Kevin aka Delak

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