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Author: Nicholas Francis, artwork in the shots by Janus Kirk Kierkegaard.


Dedicated skin shader vs. Built-in specular!

A shader for skin rendering. This one expands on Aras' SkinShader:

  • It uses texture maps for doing wrapped ramp lighting (so you can tint the skin reddish for some real fake SSH)
  • It has a falloff ramp texture so you can simulate bluening of the skin where at grazing angles.
  • Full 2.0 shader - comes in diffuse / glossy with bumped and unbumped versions. They support shadows.

It is a pixel-lit shader that requires vertex&fragment programs. Otherwise it falls back to built-in shaders.


Download and install the package:

Skin shader setup

Assign one of the shaders from the Skin group in the material popup. The Shaders exposes 2 new textures compared to the normal shaders:

  • Rim & Fresnel Ramp texture. Controls coloring of the skin at glazing angles. RGB should contain how the color changes, whereas alpha is used to implement fresnel falloff on specular. A "rimramp" texture is included in the package - assign this and then tweak from there.
  • Wrap Ramp: The ramp gradient used for coloring - this is used to control fake SSS of lighting. Assign the "wrapramp" texture from the package, and then tweak from there.
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