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Author: Matthew Miner (



Creates a scrolling label that moves across the screen horizontally left-to-right, looping back once it reaches the edge of the screen.


Attach the script to a game object and change the message and scrollSpeed fields in the inspector.

C# - Marquee.cs

using UnityEngine;
public class Marquee : MonoBehaviour
	public string message	 = "Where we're going, we don't need roads.";
	public float scrollSpeed = 50;
	Rect messageRect;
	void OnGUI ()
		// Set up the message's rect if we haven't already
		if (messageRect.width == 0) {
			Vector2 dimensions = GUIContent(message));
			// Start the message past the left side of the screen
			messageRect.x      = -dimensions.x;
			messageRect.width  =  dimensions.x;
			messageRect.height =  dimensions.y;
		messageRect.x += Time.deltaTime * scrollSpeed;
		// If the message has moved past the right side, move it back to the left
		if (messageRect.x > Screen.width) {
			messageRect.x = -messageRect.width;
		GUI.Label(messageRect, message);

AdvancedMarquee Description

Modified marquee script from above.

There are conditions for movement from left to right, right to left, up and down

AdvancedMarquee Usage

Same as previous

C# - AdvancedMarquee.cs

Author: SirGive

using UnityEngine;
[RequireComponent (typeof (GUIText))]
public class AdvancedMarquee: MonoBehaviour
	string message = "Scrolling... Check me out";
	public bool leftToRight = true;
	public bool rightToLeft = false;
	public bool upward = false;
	public bool downward = false;
	public float xScrollSpeed = 50;
	private float xPosition	= 0;
	public float yScrollSpeed = 0;
	private float yPosition	= 0;
	public GUIText outputText;
    Rect messageRect;
    void OnGUI ()
      	//this sets the size of the text (width and height) into the dimensions variable
			Vector2 dimensions = GUIContent(message));
			//sets the size of the rectangle that the text is printed on
			//helpful to have accurate scrolling off screen
            messageRect.width  =  dimensions.x;
            messageRect.height =  dimensions.y;
	        //limits these events to every frame. Otherwise, the scrolling text will speed up with any input
		if (Event.current.type == EventType.Repaint)
		//This sets the string to the text of the GUIText
		outputText.text = message;
		//This increments the positions	accordingly
		//This sets the positions changed by the scrollingText() function to the offset pixel values
		outputText.pixelOffset = new Vector2(xPosition, yPosition);
		//this functions checks to see if the text has gone past the screen
		//if it has, then it resets it
	void scrollingText()
		if(leftToRight == true)
        xPosition += -2*(xScrollSpeed/100);
		if(rightToLeft == true)
        xPosition += 2*(xScrollSpeed/100);
		if(downward == true)
        yPosition += -2*(yScrollSpeed/100);
		if(upward == true)
        yPosition += 2*(yScrollSpeed/100);
	void reset()
		 // If the message has moved past the right side, move it back to the left
        if (xPosition > 0) 
            xPosition = -Screen.width - messageRect.width;
	if(xPosition < -Screen.width - messageRect.width)
	    xPosition = 0;
        if (yPosition > Screen.height + messageRect.height)
	    yPosition = 0 + -messageRect.height;
        if (yPosition < -messageRect.height)
	    yPosition = Screen.height + messageRect.height;
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