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This is a script that adds Flickering light effect to Light Object.



Flickering Light Style

* Campfire - Just like it says, a campfire style. Can be sine or random controlled.
* Fluorescent - Simulates broken Fluorescent light

Campfire Method

* Intensity - The Flickering is based on Intensity
* Range - The Flickering is based on Range
* Both - The Flickering Uses Both Methods

Intensity Style

* Sine - The Flickering is made with Sine wave (looks like glow effect)
* Random - The Flickering is made with pure random

Range Style

* Sine
* Random

Campfire Intensity Base Value - Base Intensity value

Campfire Intensity Flicker Value - The Power of Intensity Flickering

Campfire Range Base Value - Base Range value

Campfire Range Flicker Value - The Power of Range Flickering

Campfire Sine Cycle Intensity Speed - How fast the Intensity Sine Cycles

Campfire Sine Cycle Range Speed - How fast the Range Sine Cycles

Fluorescent Flicker Min - Minimum Intensity Value

Fluorescent Flicker Max - Maximum Intensity Value

Fluorescent Flicker Percent - The percentage of light to Flicker from Max to Min. 0.0f - 1.0f

Fluorescent Flicker Play Sound - NOT IMPLEMENTED YET! - Should we hear some sound?

Fluorescent Flicker Audio Clip - NOT IMPLEMENTED YET! - Audio clip to play

The Script File:


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