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Author: NickAVV


This script will make a generic first person shooter seem more modern by allowing you to hold a key to aim down the sights.
While the key is held it slows down moving and turning speeds and smoothly adjusts the x and y position of the gun as well as the field of view of the camera.


  • Place your gun model as a child of the Main Camera in the default FPSWalker. It's position should be x(0.5), y(-0.4), and whatever z position looks best.
    • You may want to adjust the scale of your model to whatever looks best in this position as well.
  • Set up an input button named "Sights". You can map this to whatever key or mouse button you want. Mine is set to left shift.
  • Attach the following script to the First Person Controller.
    • Drag your gun model (child of the main camera) into the slot for "Gun" on the script.


 var gun : Transform;
 var nextPos = 0.0;
 var nextField = 40.0;
 var nextPos2 = -0.2;
 var dampVelocity = 0.4;
 var dampVelocity2 = 0.4;
 var dampVelocity3 = 0.4;
 function Update () {
    var newPos = Mathf.SmoothDamp(gun.transform.localPosition.x, nextPos, dampVelocity, .3);
    var newField = Mathf.SmoothDamp(Camera.main.fieldOfView, nextField, dampVelocity2, .3);
    var newPos2 = Mathf.SmoothDamp(gun.transform.localPosition.y, nextPos2, dampVelocity3, .3);
    gun.transform.localPosition.x = newPos;
    gun.transform.localPosition.y = newPos2;
    Camera.main.fieldOfView = newField;
    if (Input.GetButton("Fire2")) {
        //adjust viewpoint and gun position
        nextField = 40.0;
        nextPos = 0.0;
        nextPos2 = -0.2;
        //slow down turning and movement speed
        GetComponent(FPSWalker).speed = 1.5;
        GetComponent("MouseLook").sensitivityX = 2;
        camera.main.GetComponent("MouseLook").sensitivityX = 2;
        camera.main.GetComponent("MouseLook").sensitivityY = 2;
    } else {
        //adjust viewpoint and gun position
        nextField = 60.0;
        nextPos = 0.5;
        nextPos2 = -0.4;
        //speed up turning and movement speed
        GetComponent(FPSWalker).speed = 6;
        GetComponent("MouseLook").sensitivityX = 6;
        camera.main.GetComponent("MouseLook").sensitivityX = 6;
        camera.main.GetComponent("MouseLook").sensitivityY = 6;
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