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! D-Pad X Axis
! D-Pad X Axis
| 6 || || 7
| 6 || || 7
| rowspan="2" | Only Wired Controllers Support D-Pad Buttons on Linux
| rowspan="2" | On Linux, only wired controllers support using the D-Pad as axises
! D-Pad Y Axis
! D-Pad Y Axis

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This page serves as a cross reference between Unity and the XBOX 360 contoller buttons/axis.


Full controller support

If you only build your game for Windows, you may be interested in XInput.NET which allows full XBox 360 controller support. For an InputManager.asset file with four XBox 360 controllers mapped click here or with separate axises for triggers: click here


The sensitivity of the axises should be set to 1 for accurate reproduction. The Gravity of an axis should be set to 0. Axises should be configured with a dead zone to prevent them from producing an output of more than 0 when they are not moved. Since the centre return of the thumbsticks will cause the output to wander, they should be given a dead zone of around 0.2. The Triggers are firmer, and only require a deadzone of 0.1.

Buttons can either be fetched using Input.GetButton, or, if using an axis in the InputManager, can be configured with a sensitivity of 1000.


The controller bindings for several operating systems using the most commonly acquired drivers are specified below for:

  • Windows tested against Windows 8.1 using default drivers
  • Mac OS X tested against Mavericks and Yosemite using Tattie Bogle 0.12 controller driver
  • Linux tested against Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit using the default driver

Unity will only reference axises via the input manager, while buttons can be accessed via a string joystickbuttonX or through the KeyCode enum, where X is the number of the button provided in the table below. For example KeyCode.JoystickButton9 would refer to the Right Stick Click on Windows, the Start Button on OS X, and the Left Stick Click on Linux on all controllers. For More infomation on how to use the data from the table below, refer to the manual


Input Platform Notes
Windows Mac Os X Linux
Axis Name Mapped Axis Number
Left Stick X Axis x axis x axis x axis
Left Stick Y Axis y axis y axis y axis
Right Stick X Axis 4 3 4
Right Stick Y Axis 5 4 5
D-Pad X Axis 6 7 On Linux, only wired controllers support using the D-Pad as axises
D-Pad Y Axis 7 8
Triggers 3 The left trigger is represented by the range -1 to 0, while the right trigger is represented by the range 0 to 1.
Left Trigger 9 5 3 Windows supports a 0 to 1 range for both triggers. Mac OS X supports -1 to 1, however the trigger initially starts at 0 until it is first used.
Right Trigger 10 6 6


Input Platform Notes
Windows Mac Os X Linux
Button Name Mapped Button Number
A Button 0 16 0
B Button 1 17 1
X Button 2 18 2
Y Button 3 19 3
Left Bumper 4 13 4
Right Bumper 5 14 5
Back Button 6 10 6
Start Button 7 9 7
Left Stick Click 8 11 9
Right Stick Click 9 12 10
D-Pad Up 5 13 Only Wireless Controllers Support D-Pad Buttons on Linux
D-Pad Down 6 14
D-Pad Left 7 11
D-Pad Right 8 12
Xbox Button 15

Picture References



Mac OS X

Unity 360controller mac layout.png


note: wired controllers only support axises for the d-pad, while the wireless controller only supports buttons for the d-pad, refer to the table above for the wireless controller configuration. UnityLinuxMapping.png

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