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Author: Aubrey Falconer (Robur)

Special recognition: Mike_Mac, Azupko


Recursively generates UV maps for mesh faces so that they all line up with each other in world space. Want to create a world out of scaled and rotated cubes, then add a seamless texture to them all? This script is what you need!

File:Http:// Space UVMap Example.png


You must place the script in a folder named Editor in your project's Assets folder for it to work properly.

When you are ready to generate new UVs for your world; select your parent world object in the Inspector, and then run the "GameObject > World Space UVMap" menu command.

JavaScript - WorldUV.js

<javascript>@MenuItem ("GameObject/World Space UVMap") static function doMeshes() { if(!EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("UV Remap Confirmation", "This tool will recursively alter the UV map(s) of the mesh(es) in your selected object, altering them to all line up with each other in world space.", "Remap UVs of Selected Mesh(es)!", "Cancel")) return; var meshes = Selection.activeGameObject.GetComponentsInChildren(MeshFilter); for (var mf : MeshFilter in meshes) DoMesh(mf); }

static function DoMesh (mf : MeshFilter) { var uvs = new Vector2[mf.mesh.vertices.Length]; var tris = mf.mesh.triangles; for (var i=0;i<tris.Length;i+=3) { var a : Vector3 = mf.transform.TransformPoint(mf.mesh.vertices[tris[i]]); var b : Vector3 = mf.transform.TransformPoint(mf.mesh.vertices[tris[i+1]]); var c : Vector3 = mf.transform.TransformPoint(mf.mesh.vertices[tris[i+2]]); var center : Vector3 = (a + b + c) / 3; var normal : Vector3 = Vector3.Cross(a-c, b-c).normalized;

a = Quaternion.LookRotation(normal) * a; b = Quaternion.LookRotation(normal) * b; c = Quaternion.LookRotation(normal) * c;

uvs[tris[i]] = Vector2(a.x, a.y); uvs[tris[i+1]] = Vector2(b.x, b.y); uvs[tris[i+2]] = Vector2(c.x, c.y); }

	mf.mesh.uv = uvs;


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