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Official Wizards

Here you can get the sourcecode for wizards that are built into Unity. Note: these are already installed and the source is provided here for learning... may cause problems if duplicated as is!

  • Ragdoll - Makes creating ragdoll characters a snap! Learn how it was done!

User Created Wizards

These scripts go in the Assets/Editor folder of your project.

  • Beast Helper - Allows to save and restore beast lightmaps state, you can merge different lightmap sessions whitout lose the old maps.
  • CreateTorus - Creates a ring of sphere colliders to simulate a torus.
  • CreatePlane - Creates a plane with parameters.
  • CreateCone - Creates a cone or truncated cone with parameters, and optional mesh collider.
  • ChangeMaterialOnSelection - This Wizard lets you set the material on the current selection. Also has toggles for include / excluding prefabs or children. Helps you change materials 'en masse' as needed, especially useful when using prefabs and need to change material on only a subset of them.
  • DeleteComponentsInChildrenWizard - This Wizard helps to delete a special type of components which are attached to the children of the selected Gameobject.
  • Deselect - Sets the current selection in the editor to nothing. Deselects all.
  • ExportVisualStudio - Creates Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 projects. Designed for minimal friction for non-techy people.
  • FindObjects - Find objects by name or attached component type.
  • LineMup - Align Game Objects or distribute spacing evenly among Game Objects.
  • MeshInfo - Display statistics for selected meshes in a dialog box.
  • NeoLightMapExport - A Wizard to export lightmap from your terrain and save it in .png file.
  • NudgeGUIElements - Menu items to nudge the pixelInset of a GUITexture or pixelOffset of a GUIText by 1 pixel or 10 pixels. This is useful for positioning complex user interfaces.
  • PlaceSelectionOnSurface - Takes the current selection and raycasts downward from each object and moves them to where they hit.
  • ReplaceSelection - Replace current selection with a game object or prefab of your choosing.
  • SelectAllLights - This sets the current selection to be all the lights in your scene.
  • SelectAllOfType - This sets the current selection to be the specified class name, e.g. Transform or MyScript.
  • SelectMainCamera - Sets the current selection to the first object tagged "MainCamera" that it finds. This by default is the Main Camera that is in your scene by default.
  • SetLayerOfSelection - A wizard to set the layer of your selection to a specific layer.
  • SetPivot - Move the pivot of your Game Objects within the Unity Editor.
  • TakeScreenshotInEditor - Takes a screenshot of the current game view and places it in the root level of your project. Does not overwrite files.
  • ToggleActiveRecursively - Toggles GameObject.active for all the objects in your selection and their children. Sets them all active or inactive.
  • TransformSaver - Allows you to record and apply the position, rotation, and scale of selected objects. It is useful for "presettling" physics.
  • SmartClone - Object duplication utility similar to the one found in Maya and 3D studio.
  • SmartClone3D - Object duplication utility similar to the one found in Maya and 3D studio, it allows to duplicate objects in a 1D, 2D and 3D arrangement.
  • AddSelectedAnimationsToRig - Apply a bunch of animations to a rig all at once, rather than having to set up the animations in the inspector one by one.
  • SpriteAtlasBuilder - A Wizard that makes easy the creation of a Sprite Atlas. Saves the sprite sheet as a .png file.

Game Kits

2D Top Down Shooter (Basic) Save weeks of works and testing thanks to this Gamekit that includes all the necessary for start your own 2D Top Down Shooter.

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