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Assign this script to any GameObject you want to be user controled.
Assign this script to any RigidBody you want to be user controled.
==JavaScript - VariableSpeedFPSwalker.js==
==JavaScript - VariableSpeedFPSwalker.js==

Revision as of 02:45, 2 December 2005

Author: (Mr. Animator)


1: Script allows you to have different speeds for walking forward, strafing, and backpeddling (I hate shooters that let you RUN backwards) 2: Because it uses rigidbody.velocity instead of rigidbody.AddRelativeForce, it's more directly tied to the settings you choose for the Horizontal/Vertical axes, and your speed plateaus nice and dependably. I found the default FPS walker to be a little too loosey goosey 3: To keep you from magically gaining extra speed for walking forward and strafing at the same time (a little side-effect from my method of doing things) there's a semi-sloppy math solution in there that "rounds off" the corners. So if you're moving on a 45 degree angle, it properly adjusts your forward and lateral movement so that they don't add up to more than you would get for just walking forward.


Assign this script to any RigidBody you want to be user controled.

JavaScript - VariableSpeedFPSwalker.js


var forwardSpeed = 10; 
var backwardSpeed = 5; 
var strafeSpeed = 8; 

function FixedUpdate () { 
   // Step1: Get your input values 
   horizontal = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"); 
   vertical = Input.GetAxis("Vertical"); 
   // Step 2: Limit the movement on angles and then multiply those results 
   // by their appropriate speed variables 
   percentofpercent = Mathf.Abs(horizontal) + Mathf.Abs(vertical) - 1.0; 
   if (percentofpercent > 0.1) { 
      // if we're here, then we're not moving in a straight line 
      // my math here might be kinda confusing and don't look! 
      percentofpercent = percentofpercent * 10000; 
      percentofpercent = Mathf.Sqrt(percentofpercent); 
      percentofpercent = percentofpercent / 100; 
      finalMultiplier = percentofpercent * .25; 
      horizontal = horizontal - (horizontal * finalMultiplier); 
      vertical = vertical - (vertical * finalMultiplier); 
   if (vertical > 0) { 
      vertical = vertical * forwardSpeed; 
   if (vertical < 0) { 
      vertical = vertical * backwardSpeed; 
   horizontal = horizontal * strafeSpeed; 
   // Step 3: Derive a vector on which to travel, based on the combined 
   // influence of BOTH axes 
   tubeFinalVector = transform.TransformDirection (Vector3(horizontal,0,vertical)); 
   // Step 4: Apply the final movement in world space 
   rigidbody.velocity.z = tubeFinalVector.z; 
   rigidbody.velocity.x = tubeFinalVector.x; 
function Awake () { 
   rigidbody.freezeRotation = true; 


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