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Hi.  I notice you've made several reorganising edits recently.  I'm concerned that these edits weren't necessarily a good idea.  For example, [[Tips]] has effectively become a stub page with no content, and the user has to click even more links to find what they're looking for.  We don't really have enough entries in each of the subcategories to warrant breaking them off into their own pages, in my opinion.
I wouldn't want to discourage you from contributing to the wiki, but I think it would be wise to reach a consensus with other editors before making extensive changes.  I recommend starting a discussion in the appropriate talk pages to make sure that others agree with your planned changes.
Personally, I think content-enhancing edits are much more useful than reorganisation at this point.  For example, your addition of OTEE's quote to [[Moving and Copying Unity Assets|this page]] is a very good thing.
Anyway, these things aside, I'm pleased to have you on board! --[[User:NCarter|NCarter]] 22:51, 3 August 2006 (GMT)

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