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Mainly develop new requirement and maintain the Stratis, a infrastructure construction software from Germany. a.(2006-2008)Junior Developer, join the development of one functionality in system called "Object Selection". b.(2008-2009)Developer, join the refactory of basic part of the whole software from functional paradigm to object-oriented paradigm to support basic functionality of Undo/Redo etc. Learned and experienced the refactory methods also OO design principle, also get the experience of use design patterns like composite, chain of responsibility etc. c.(2010-2011)Senior Developer, main responsibilities: discuss requirements with German colleagues, exchange ideas with them and report the developing progress each week; do Requirement Analysis, General Design, Detail Design (with UML), Code Review. Make development plan and follow up the execution and quality, and do adjustment. take research work of modeling the designs of clients on Google Earth; take charge of a pilot project which selected as a CMMI Level 3 appraisals project and passed the appraisal finally.

Go through three games' development. a.(2011.9-2012.6)A Leisure Competitive Web Game, my major responsiblity was realizing the battle system, server part with C++. b.(2012.7-2013.5)A Semi Real-Time Turn Strategy Web Game, join building the server architecture, realizing the battle system, server part with Erlang. The game gain the title of "2013 Best Web Games Top 10" in China, and achieve details of 18 million RMB per month. c.(2013.6-2015.2)A Semi Real-Time Turn Strategy Mobile Game, in charge the server development with Erlang. Rewrite mysql module to be a scalable reusable application. Practice and get more understanding on how to make reliable distributed systems in the presence of software errors.

Now for Unity development: 1. Handle all Server work 2. Refactor the client architecture especially the Lua part totally. Use Unity to accomplish a Jigsaw game. 3. Training of technology. 4. Developer Recruitment. 5. Play a role of QA, to guarantee quality of code, product; optimize the developing workflow; project statistics gathering and analysis and making reasonable future goal.

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