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I have built game company NordicEdu from the beginning. For that I have worked on many fields in gaming and in building a game startup company. Startup may be misleading because we have built NordicEdu with long term goals in mind. I always want to do unique and new things with games, be it designing games, leading the company or marketing our products. I don't like copying and I don't want to waste my time by doing something someone has already done. I can stucture complicated software prototypes seemingly fast but I also have an eye for the bigger picture with which I can build a solid ground for any software products. I have been building my company NordicEdu from the beginning now for 5 years. In this time I have completed over 30 projects. I have wide range of specialties in the field of game development. I have a deep understanding in game engine stuctures but I also rule at team management in multidisciplinary game teams.

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