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Technical Director Design in the video game industry.

End-user oriented: - Tools as a service for developers. - Video games as a quality product for the customers. - Design of complex systems and simple tools to use it. - Automate annoying and repetitive tasks. - Render information accessible for the content creators. - Share knowledge by documentation on multiple media, giving training, guidelines and procedures.

Technical person oriented business: - Consideration of the costs in production. - Ability to understand and direct software engineers. - Design, develop and maintain production pipeline for current and next gen consoles. - Consideration of the production time to quality ratio in the pipeline. - Leadership, negotiation, ability to listen, to make decision.

Vision: - Involvement in research and development for design, animation, systems, artificial intelligence, graphics, and sound. - Vision of the future for AAA games: Production issues, technology, philosophy, and business strategy. - High personal involvement and interest in the Artificial Intelligence: Fight systems, crowd life, systemic missions, high level systems, psychology and sociology. - Interest in graphics: automation, improvements, GPU/memory costs, optimizations.

I aspire to become CTO in my career.

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