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Ron Ejercito is an entrepreneur whose business serves the online game publishing industry in the Philippines. He pursued his BS (1999) and MBA (2004) degrees in business administration at the University of San Francisco whereafter he became a manager for sales operations at Level Up Philippines. His key contributions to the company included streamlining procedures of the sales department, improving the department’s financial and operational efficiency, reducing online piracy operations, and consolidating distribution channels. He pursued his entrepreneurial career two years later by researching and developing a retail management solution for Internet cafes who game publishers rely upon to sell their products. In 2010, his research led to the launch of the Connexys Internet Cafe Management System, which to-date is in use in over 600 Internet cafes nationwide and has been licensed by Massive Games, a Filipino game publisher. His experience and exposure to the online gaming industry has been valuable to game publishers to whom he provides field marketing consulting services. Capitalizing on this experience, he has embarked upon pursuing a degree in game design and development with the objective of producing and designing games for the Filipino market. His entrepreneurial career has also exposed him to other non-gaming industries such as infrastructure development, sugar bioethanol production, and pigeon racing. He lives in Laguna, Philippines with his wife and three children.

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