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I'm indie developer who started creating games in 2008 alongside a long time friend. Together, we created a small studio and later the same year the third member joined us after we met in a university conference.

I was always interested in producing video games since my childhood. I remember to draw logos and ideas on my notebooks on my free time. Most of my inspirations come from things like TV shows, some movies and a lot of old games from the 90's and early 2000's. I believe the game industry is the next step of art and the future of it. Gaming is the real life counterpart of dreams, is the place where people can have things which are impossible otherwise. Games can teach people also, the only motive I'm writing right now in English, is because I learn it playing games, since I've never had the money to have a computer with internet or to take a course when younger.

Because of games I take interest in learn languages, geography, physics and history, I was able to learn more about other cultures and create bonds with other people without judgement.

I know creating games is a very difficult task. Much like I understand how creativity is a problem nowadays. But even with things like that, I still love to do codes, creating 3D assets and make brainstorms with my friends about new ideas. I feel happy being a developer, even on the worst days of my life, I've never tought to quit.

I had a lot of troubles during my trials, I met people which aren't committed to their work, but everything just teach me more how to be better and reliable to my comrades, mainly because on the end of the day I'm still a simple gamer in the heart.

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